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13D Strip Down

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13D Strip Down

Post  seipgam on Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:00 pm

As mentioned in a previous post I have done a Big End in my 13D, so I want to strip it down to the crank case before I hand it onto whoever I get to repair it for me.

Apart from a couple of Midgets this is the only Villiers I have worked on so be gentle with me.
I have had the magneto side off so that will be no problem.
I've read through the owners booklet and although a little more complex of course, all seems straight forward for the primary/clutch side as well, but just wondering if there is anything likely to catch me out - left had threads?, special tools required?
Nothing mentioned in the booklet, just trying to cover my tracks.

Thanks in advance,  Geoff.

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Strip down

Post  piston 197 on Mon Jun 11, 2018 1:11 am

Geoff, it is just about the easiest machine to strip down the engine, if you have had the flywheel side off, you have already tackled the hardest part, you will heed about 3 spanners, a hammer and a screwdriver and perhaps a wedge of wood to lock the primary chain while undoing the clutch centre nut .
piston 197

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13D Strip Down & Clutch Questions

Post  seipgam on Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:06 pm

Stripped down the engine today with few dramas, had to make a makeshift puller to release the engine sprocket (primary drive gear?) because it had been fitted with some kind of loctite, as was every thread.

I was almost out of clutch adjustment so am considering replacing the corks. I searched this on the forum and read "Villiers 8E clutch cork saga". Is it really this involved with getting even contact, is there a known supplier that sells corks that are all the same (correct) thickness?
What thickness should a new cork be for a 13D?

Thanks again, Geoff.

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Re: 13D Strip Down

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