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Plover 86 (AMC 15T) standard piston

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Plover 86 (AMC 15T) standard piston

Post  Kettlebastonian on Mon Mar 26, 2018 7:41 pm

When will I ever learn to take of a copy of the message Iím intending to upload (so Iíve got something to fall back on when the damn thing dissolves into the ether - as my first attempt just did)?

A plea from a frustrated 1961 Plover 86 owner: does anyone have a used (usable) standard sized piston from an AMC 15T engine? Iím kicking myself as (in spite of what I considered to be adequate care and precautions) I managed to damage the skirt on mine whilst removing it from the barrel; it had become tight, but not seized, whilst in storage. I already have a new set of rings put aside.

Iíve so far located two replacements at 1.5mm oversize, but it seems criminal to bore out a perfect barrel just to accommodate (although that option remains). The bike has done less than 11k genuine miles. : /

Any polite suggestions warmly welcomed!

(test upload using TinyPic follows)

May 2018 update: †I'm delighted to say that I finally found one with 'Bantam' John Phelan. Contrary to various reports I've read, he was very helpful and the piston arrived the next day.

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