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Chromes and exhaust

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Chromes and exhaust

Post  zorteus on Thu Mar 15, 2018 8:03 pm

This may of come up a while ago however i thought I would seek some suggestion from you all regards chrome detail.
I usually use ACF50 to minimise the dreaded which seems to work well.
On one of my Franny's the down pipe, although solid is painted silver. Now from a distance it looks fine, nevertheless in time it would be nice to re-chrome it... Advice on cost and recommended companies local to Shropshire?

I'm lucky enough to have also a Plover 78 with a solid expansion tank. However, chrome is poor and pitted in places with odd little rust spots on dowpipe and on chrome. Any suggestions on removing these imperfections? There surely must be a better alternative than rub rub rub with lots of sweat. Any recommendations on pastes, compounds etc for chrome and best practices?

Thanks in advance,


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