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2T Advice Gearbox Problems

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2T Advice Gearbox Problems

Post  kerabo on Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:21 pm

Can anyone shed any light on the problem below. It's a mate from my local VMCC.
He was knocked of this bike a panther with a Villiers 2T and it damaged the clutch housing but he measured this and the gears but after his rebuild it had a gearbox noise but he has checked everything and says it's all,ok.

These are his words
I rebuilt with the original parts and fitted new rubber engine mounts from Villiers Services (oddly the inner bores were slightly under size for a 3/8in stud). To my disappointment, when I tested the bike it was just as noisy in the intermediate gears. This afternoon I took it apart again, thinking that the shafts might have been bent in the accident, but I've tested with a gauge between centres, and they are both spot on. Any ideas you have will be most welcome.

He says it makes noises in all but top.
I have never touched a 2T so can't advise.
Says he is running a 30 grade oil in the gearbox.

Regards Ken

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2T gearbox

Post  FB vincent on Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:01 pm

Although I am not an expert on gearboxes, the 4 speed gearbox on my 4T engine does whine slightly at higher engine speeds in 2nd and 3rd gear (but not top). The noise is not offensive and I presume this is normal for these gearboxes, but perhaps someone with more knowledge can comment.

Despite what some may say, the 4 speed AMC gearbox and clutch is a more user friendly item than the Villiers equivalent.


FB vincent

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AMC box

Post  Bigjim on Wed Jun 07, 2017 6:50 pm

It would be it was designed in the 1930s by Sturmey Archer, then used by Norton and then post 1957 the AJAY/MAT bikes until their demise. THEN it got used on the commando, with a left sided 5-speed box.
Talk about your design money's worth!  30+ years of use. Parts of the lightweight 2 stroke boxes are heavily borrowed from this AMC box.

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2T Gearbox

Post  Druid on Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:37 am

When top gear is selected the mainshaft is locked to the sleeve gear and power is not transmitted via the layshaft. Since the noise is when the layshaft is under load it might be an idea to check the layshaft bushes/housing for wear/damage.

Regards Dave


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Re: 2T Advice Gearbox Problems

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