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cruiser 80 wipac stator

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cruiser 80 wipac stator

Post  woody on Sat Feb 22, 2014 9:15 pm

bike is not charging were can i get one from


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Re: cruiser 80 wipac stator

Post  BarnettBilly on Sun Feb 23, 2014 8:14 am

Are you sure that the magneto is fully magnetised?

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Re: cruiser 80 wipac stator

Post  birminghambarnett on Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:23 am

I have the same bike

I assume you have checked the retifier and all the wiring as the connectors under the engine tend to rot out
If it is all good then Villers services in Dudley will have new or second hand parts
Make sure you have a decent size battery as once charging it will boil out cheap scotter type batteries as i know to my cost

I fitted a Triump specified battery which takes the charge and works very well


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Wipac alternator test routine

Post  FB vincent on Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:26 am

woody wrote:bike is not charging were can i get one from

Here is the Wico Pacey test procedure for the Cruiser 80 and other similiar Wipac equipped bikes (quoting from the original advice),

Sandy Ross

We have compiled a simple test procedure using improvised test gear to assist in locating faults to avoid the unnecessary replacement of components.

1. A 6v 36w bulb, with holder, and two test wires about 24" long.
2. A 6v 04 amp bulb with holder and two test wires about 24" long.
3. A well charged 6v battery.
Note. 6v 04 amp bulbs are sold by all cycle shops for bicycle dynamo rear lamps.


Start by disconnecting cables from alternator at the connector. Join the two test leads with the 36w bulb in the holder to the white and green cables, run the engine at a fast tickover speed.
Transfer the test leads to white and orange cables; If the alternator is normal the bulb will light fairly brightly on both tests.
Should the bulb light differ much on one of these tests the-alternator is at fault. If the bulb fails to light the alternator is defective.
Note. A dull light on both tests can be caused by a sub-normal rotor, particularly if the battery connections have been reversed.


The six coils are wired in two banks of three coils, the white cable is common to both banks. Connect one of the test leads using a 6 volt battery and 6v 04 bulb to a good earth point, the second test lead in turn to the white, green and orange cables. If the bulb lights, one or more of the coils are shorted to earth. Having verified alternator is in order, turn to the rectifier.

FB vincent

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Re: cruiser 80 wipac stator

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