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Electric help please

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Electric help please

Post  the-oz-slider on Wed Jul 31, 2013 1:49 am

Hello all, If I knew how to post pictures I could show how close I am to finally completing my loooonnnngggg term Falcon 58 restoration. One day I'll work it out......

In the meanwhile I have a vexing electrical problem.

Firstly, my engine number is 387A-6191F which I understand is an 8E model, fitted to a 1952 Falcon 58 "Springer" export bike which was originally RAF duck-egg blue.

So I started to rewire the bike and cleaned up the alternator wires and simply copied what was in place. The alternator has two power coils , one each top and bottom. The points are to the left. The ignition coil is on the right.

There is a wire which is common to the points and the ignition coil and which exits the engine case. Is this a kill switch wire. Naturally there is a spark plug lead also from the same ignition coil.

Then the two 'power' coils have a common wire which exits the case and goes no-where........

Obviously I need a rectifier of sorts, and dont have one.

I checked with Paul Goff and he says he cant help me. I checked with Podtronics and they also cant help me.

Can anyone please advise me where to buy a rectifier to put in place so that I have a complete circuit????
Thank you
Al Gill
Edmonton Canada

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Re: Electric help please

Post  fulmar88 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:56 am

Al, There is a member on here, AOServices (Al Osborn), who often gives advice regarding wiring problems. He has a website -

It sounds like you don't have a wiring diagram but someone on here should be able to post a picture of one for you. Armed with that Al should be able to help you.


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coil wiring

Post  piston 197 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:24 am

Normally on the ignition coil there are 2 wires one to the points and one to the plug (plug lead)
A separate wire between the points may have been :
A a cutout wire
B a wire to power the points from a battery if coil was not working
C a wire to fit an external HT coil
I personally use a wire connected here ,remove the HT side of the ignition coil and fit an external A.C. ignition coil, and remove the plug lead form the original coil
piston 197
piston 197

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Re: Electric help please

Post  Jack Clegg on Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:49 am

Your extra wire from the coil is probably for a kill switch. It just earths the low tension side of the coil from a button on the handlebars or a secreted toggle switch, whichever you prefer or both. I fit them on all 8E mags.

Paul Goff is not too sure about Villiers mags just yet. The single wire exiting from the two lighting coils uses earth to complete the lighting circuit. Most alternators have two wires exiting for the complete circuit. Paul sold me an A REG One 6V Rectifier/Regulator & an Asmat battery very recently for my Falcon 67 8E. I promised to report to Paul if the equipment works, so he can then recommend this set up for 8E mags. Am nowhere near to reporting yet, as the bike is in a million bits. End of September at the earliest. The A REG one has two green wires to connect to the alternator but the 8E has only the one wire, so we have to see if it works OK by connecting one green wire to the mag & the other to earth to complete the lighting circuit. It should work. I hope.

You can run the lights on AC current direct from the mag without a rectifier & battery, just connect the mag wire to No.2 terminal on the switch, which is the standard set up anyway. Useful to test the coils though.

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Jack Clegg
Jack Clegg

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Post  the-oz-slider on Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:24 pm

Hi Jack and everyone,
I do have a wiring diagram and a very well educated engineer son who has helped me so far.
I was aware of the DIRECT aspect of the wiring but still want to fit a battery and killswitch etc.

The extra wire common to the ignition coil and points is obviously for a killswitch, so that part is easy.

If I separate out the common wire between the two power coils then I have two wires [really only one for that matter] coming from the alternator.

So I think Im sorted out with the exception of basically still needing a rectifier.........
I have contacted Villiers Parts to see what they have. I was a bit surprised that Paul Goff couldnt help, I did think he was kind of a guru on this stuff.
Nevertheless, Im sure a solution will pop up in the next few days from somewhere or someone......

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Re: Electric help please

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