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Rectifiers Falcon58 - again

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Post  aoservices on Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:39 pm

Technical chap as below here!! Now listen up. Throw away those Selenium rectifiers!! the big naff square things. You then fit a modern encapsulated 'bridge' rectifier at 6 BUT you send me a copy of your bikes wiring when you send the money. I will then scribble on it how you connect it up and the options. I would NOT fit an A reg 6 without some caution and some idea what you are doing, the A reg 6 was designed around the Lucas stator I( do not think you will get anything worthwhile using it on Villiers with some guidance.
Send 6 to A O Services and all will be clear.
Al Osborn

HyFy wrote:Thanks for that reply Ken
I'm in a bit of difficulty here. I had already passed my enquiry to Mr Goff and he kindly forwarded it to a technical chap who came up with the idea of having to take the flywheel and then magneto apart to isolate/disconnect and take a feed off the earth side of the lighting coils to connect to the A Reg 6. I'm not even sure if that is possible as I haven't looked inside the magneto for 40 plus years!! I really hadn't thought to have to go to that sort of effort just to replace the rectifier. He wasn't completely sure that even if it could be done whether it would work.

This was why I came back to the forum to see what other options might be "out there".

The lights on the bike (positive frame) either run off the battery or directly off the magneto depending on the position of the main switch. There is a resistive wire which I understand does the regulating job.

In the end I guess I may be having to resort to dismantling the magneto to see if it is possible to isolate the earth sides of the coils but before that I may just try to get a replacement selenium one. The last one did a good job for 60 years!

In the meantime I'm trying to identify the 22 tpi thread in the front wheel axle clamp bolts. They are apparently supposed to be 26 but these are definitely 22 - ?5/16 BSF?

Isn't it fun...


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